You can still LIVE LEAN (and keep your abs) while building SEXY and LEAN muscle.

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So you want to add lean and aesthetic muscle without adding ugly body fat do you?
do not do this

Most “experts” say you can’t do that

But not me.

You CAN add lean and aesthetic muscle without the side of flabby belly fat.
Sorry dude, that's not the look we're going for.

Sorry dude, that’s not the look we’re going for.

So with that said, you’re in the right place.

“What a pump!”
Jessica R., NY, USA
Welcome To LIVE LEAN MASS – 10 Sets Method

Brad Gouthro_BodyshotI’ve been training for over 10 years now.

Within those 10 years, I tried a lot of different muscle building workout programs with methods focusing on:

  • Super-set training
  • Tri-set training
  • Rest-pause training
  • Eccentric training

And believe me, they all work. But just because they work…it doesn’t mean they work the FASTEST.


Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you I invented a new magical muscle-building method.

My goal is to take a proven training system, and “Live Lean-a-fy” it, so you can…

Add crazy lean mass…WITHOUT adding unnecessary ugly “bulk fat” or oversized disproportionate “useless muscle”.


You’re still going to be living lean…but just with bigger, well-proportioned, aesthetically pleasing muscle.
So How Does Live Lean MASS Work?

I’ll sum Phase 1 of training up in 3 words:

10 x 10

In other words, 10 sets of 10 reps per exercise.

This muscle building program is designed to hit specific groups of motor units (muscle fibers) and stimulate them with a higher than “normal” volume of work to induce MAXIMUM muscle growth and fat loss.

In other words, these workouts will cause extensive stress to your muscle fibers, thus giving your body no other option but to adapt and GROW FAST (major muscle hypertrophy)!

Damn, things just got real serious!


Each individual exercise has been strategically selected based on how it targets a major group of motor units.

To put it bluntly, wimpy movements get wimpy results. Get ready to focus on the major lifts and grow LEAN mass FAST! I’m talking about….

GAIN up to 10 lbs of LEAN MUSCLE (or more) in just 6 weeks with the LIVE LEAN MASS SYSTEM

LL without bulk

The Complete 4 Component LIVE LEAN MASS System:


This easy to follow and understand training manual will quickly bring you up to speed on the theory and training protocols behind the LIVE LEAN MASS program.

Diet PlanComponent #2: LIVE LEAN MASS DIET PLAN

The LIVE LEAN MASS Diet Plan is crucial to getting results. Follow the simple instructions on how to calculate your calorie and macronutrient requirements to ensure you’re feeding the muscle the proper amount of food. Also be sure to follow the meal plan and recommended and optional supplement list.

Workout LogComponent #3: LIVE LEAN MASS WORKOUT LOG

I’ve got you covered with these printable workout log sheets that your can bring to the gym with you and record all your lifts. It’s very important that you log all your lifts so you can continue to progress for each workout. Don’t leave home without these guys.

Workout CalendarComponent #4: LIVE LEAN MASS WORKOUT CALENDAR

Follow along with the LIVE LEAN MASS workout calendar so you know what days you’re training specific muscles and what days you have for recovery.


You’ll Get The Entire LIVE LEAN MASS Workout System for ONLY:






#1. What makes my methods more effective than other muscle building programs?

Alright so the key to the LIVE LEAN MASS 10 sets method is how it targets a specific group of motor units with an EXTENSIVE volume of repeated work. But we’re not just using any exercises. The program is designed using the most effective exercises to build lean muscle faster.

These exercises, the rep counts, set counts, and tempos, all create a lot of positive stress on the muscle fibers.

This gives the muscle no other option but to GROW!

It’s been the key to my muscle growth and many others who have added 10 lbs or more in just 6 weeks. These are NORMAL results for people who follow these workouts and diet.

And…unlike other muscle building programs, you won’t gain the typical bulky fat  following my methods. 

Cause this is the Live Lean Nation.


#2. Can females use this program?

Absolutely. In fact, my girl Jessica Rumbaugh is doing this program right now!

Ladies, the key to burning fat, keeping it off for life, and staying younger longer is….MUSCLE!

You will not get bulky on this program!

That is one of the biggest myths in the fitness industry. The only females “turning into males” are the ones who are “chemically inducing” their bodies.

And as a Live Leaner…I know you don’t do that…cause the live lean nation doesn’t roll that way.


#3. What is the 10 Sets Method?

The goal of the 10 sets method is to complete 10 sets of 10 reps, using the same weight for each primary exercise.

Get ready to grow!


#4. How much weight should I use?

This is a high volume workout, so I want you to begin with a weight that you can lift for 20 reps, with good form and following the recommended tempos.

If you like percentages, this is about 60% of the weight you could lift for just 1 rep. So in other words, if you can bench press 100 lbs just 1 time. Your first workout would use 60 lbs for 10 sets of 10 reps.

The key is to find the most weight you can lift to complete all 100 reps with proper form and tempo.


#5. Do I ever add more weight for future workouts?

Yes this is a progressive workout program so if you completed the sets/reps for the previous workout with proper form, add 2.5-5% more weight for the next workout.


#6. Does LIVE LEAN MASS come with a diet plan?

It sure does. To build muscle you NEED to be eating the right types of food in the right quantities.

The diet is so important and the reason WHY you’ll be adding muscle WITHOUT the typical bulky fat that comes along with most muscle building workouts.

I detail all of this in the diet plan.


#7. Should you take time off before starting this workout?

I say no.

There’s no time like the present. Get to work and start building MORE MUSCLE.

You’ll Get The Entire LIVE LEAN MASS Workout System for ONLY:


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